The Isiris 33 Method is a method that searches for the “causes of issues” within one’s subconscious mind, in order to convert them.



There are two types of human minds – the “conscious mind”, which one is self-aware of, and the “subconscious mind”, which one cannot be self-aware of.



The subconscious mind is also referred to as the “unconscious mind”, which not only includes one’s current life, but one’s conscience from his/her past life as well.



What if the causes of the issues you face lie in this subconscious mind?



No matter how strongly you convince yourself to “work harder next time” or “achieve something next time”, in reality the same issue will continue to occur.



The reason for this is that the cause exists within that person where he or she is not self-aware of.



Isiris 33 is the method that focuses on this subconscious mind and converts the energy that acts as the cause of an issue.



At Felicia, I read the records of one’s soul through Akashic Readings and provide sessions where I convert one’s subconscious mind using the Isiris 33 Method.


I also conduct training sessions of the Isiris 33 Method.


Please contact me if you are interested in the above.