I love every moment

in my life.

Cherish this moment.

Here and Now.




● Professional Akashic Record Reader


Knowing School accredited by Knowing Inc. (formerly Gary Bonnell Japan)


●Mediumship & Channeler


●Isiris 33 Method - Accredited Teacher 


●JDTI (Japan Drama Therapy Institute) Member 


Upon graduating from university, I worked at an international liaison department for a foreign firm in Japan.


Afterwards, I was involved in the field of English education for many years teaching both children and adults.


As for my private life, I engage in activities such as theater and recitals, which I have loved since childhood, as well as activities that relate to self-expression, both verbally and physically.


One year, while visiting a museum during a trip in Bali Island, I entered a conscious state that could not be explained in words, the moment I stepped in front of a certain painting. It was a mist, mystical experience, as if I actually entered the painting and watching a movie.


About a year or so before I went to this trip, I was frequently sensing contact from invisible forces. Coupled with the fact that I was starting to remember memories of mysterious experiences from my childhood days that were long forgotten, I began to wonder what exactly was happening to me at that very moment.


While searching for this, I acquired the ability of channeling and through Dr. Doreen Virtue’s program, became an Angel Oracle Conductor.


Moreover, as I was searching around the spiritual world, I encountered the works of Gary Bonnell, a famous American  Akashic Record Reader.


This is when I learned about the term “Akashic Reader” and understood that all of my experiences occurred while I was connected to Akasha which is a huge data bank in the universe containing the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation.


At the same time, I also realized that the things that I somehow knew up until that point without learning about them per se - foreign languages that I understood for some reason, the inspirations for the scenarios of plays I’ve written and my understanding of the roles I played and their historical backgrounds – all of these were based on information from Akasha.


I entered the Knowing School of Gary Bonnell Japan (currently Knowing Inc.) as a 5th generation student regular course student and both entered and graduated as a 5th generation special course student.


Upon graduating, I passed the accreditation exam and became a professional Akashic Record Reader.


Furthermore, I encountered the Isiris 33 Method, which focuses on the subconscious mind and became convinced that this method holds great power in unleashing one’s own abilities. I became an accredited teacher of this method.


I then hosted “FELICIA Tokyo” at an apartment room in the Seijo area of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. The motto is “Living life while feeling the joy of being born in this world”. 


I conduct sessions that combine Akashic readings with the Isiris 33 Method, which focuses on the subconscious mind. I also conduct sessions in which I act as a medium that communicates the messages of lost ones.


I also host oracle card reading sessions, channeling sessions, sessions that actualize the desires from one’s heart, training sessions of the Isiris 33 Method and other various sessions.


In addition, I believe that theater (drama) is a highly useful tool in accepting and unleashing one’s own depths and thus am currently searching for a field in drama therapy that combines theater and therapy.


I am developing “Joy Laboratory”, which combines drama therapy with information obtained from the Akashic Records. I also wish to conduct activities for children and for overseas clients.


Since August 2016, I have been living in New York. I am currently studying abroad as a graduate student, focusing on drama therapy.


Currently, I conduct face-to-face sessions and seminars in New York, and I also conduct Skype sessions with people who live in Japan and other areas.